We’re delighted you are here! 

We are a Christian community of faith that strives to be diverse, affirming, and inclusive. We are located downtown Halifax and operate throughout the week both online and in-person with traditional and contemporary Anglican worship services, filled with traditional and new liturgy, prayer, and music.

You are invited to the Cathedral Church of All Saints. All are welcomed.

Our parish community of over 300 families and individuals support and advocate for people on the margins through several outreach programs and local charities. We seek to meet the needs of our local to global neighbours.

We offer various ways to get involved in the church and the local community, including children and teen programs. We also provide for the needs and preferences of our parishioners, offering programs both online and in-person as we are able. 

The Cathedral Church for the Anglican Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island is an active community and a spiritual refuge with a beautiful, music-filled interior of vaulted ceilings, arches in deep red and gold paint, stained-glass windows, and intricate oak carvings. 

People often wonder, “How does a church become a cathedral?” The word cathedral comes from the Latin: cathedra, which literally means “chair”. A cathedral is a church designated as the principal church in a diocese where the bishop’s chair (or symbolic seat of authority) resides. It is sometimes referred to as the “mother” church of a diocese. To learn more about the history of the Cathedral Church of All Saints, click here. To see the bishop’s chair and perhaps experience this place of spiritual refuge, please join us for a service and stay for a tour. 

The Cathedral Church of All Saints is listed in the Affirming Church Directory

Our mission statement: 

We are called to be a place of hope in God’s world: where God is worshipped with heart, mind and voice; where Christ’s peace and justice are sought; and where strangers can become friends.  

Our Vision:      

We love our neighbours and in doing so, love God through:

  • Attentive nurturing of common life –creating a community of faith where people know and care for one another, embracing the diversity of our backgrounds and our gifts   
  • Abundant hospitality – that welcomes, invites and connects
  • Living liturgy – that resonates and connects people in the experience of holy worship
  • Excellence in music and song in liturgy and performance
  • Enriched opportunities for intelligent inquiry and dialogue – offering challenging, enjoyable and diverse opportunities to explore and learn and deepen our faith
  • Compassionate service, advocacy and justice-building in our community and beyond
  • Presence as a holy and spiritual place and as a venue for artistic expression in the centre of Halifax
  • Communication of our ministry to our communities, inviting collaboration
  • In pursuing our vision, we are open to the leading of the Holy Spirit at work in our congregation, our neighbourhood, and our world.  

Approved by Congregational Council - January 22, 2020