Honorary Assistants

The Reverend Canon Fred Krieger

The Reverend Canon Fred Krieger was ordained deacon and priest in the Episcopal Church in 1963 and came to Canada in 1966 for graduate studies at Trinity College, Toronto. He taught theology at the University of King’s College, Halifax (1970 - 1971) and then at Atlantic School of Theology upon its formation where he served, as registrar and academic dean, retiring in 2001. He is an honorary canon of the cathedral and an honorary assistant. 

The Reverend John Swain

After finishing high school in Halifax, John worked in business for several years. He then entered King's College in 1960. During this time, he decided to try teaching and received a Diploma in Education from the University of Dalhousie in 1964. John taught for several years before resuming his studies for the ministry in 1971, at the Atlantic School of Theology. Ordained priest in 1974 John served throughout the Diocese of NS and PEI, retiring in 1995.

The Reverend Canon Keirsten Wells

Keirsten Wells is a priest chaplain for the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. She was educated at the University of New Brunswick, Classics and Ancient History, and at the University of Trinity College, Master of Divinity. She trained in Clinical Pastoral Education at the Humber River Regional Hospital, Toronto; St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto; and Toronto General Hospital. She provides spiritual and religious care to individuals and groups, workshops in the areas of spirituality and the arts; is a practitioner of Reiki and Logosynthesis. She is the Coordinator of Anglican Health Care Chaplains for Diocese of NS and PEI and provides clinical care at the QEII in Halifax. Keirsten was installed as a Canon of the Diocese in 2018. Keirsten lives in Ketch Harbour, Nova Scotia with her family.

The Reverend Ronald Harris

Ronald Harris, following ordination in 1957, served throughout the Diocese of NS and PEI. Twice he received a travelling scholarship to study and work in the UK at Canterbury, Darlington, and Coventry Cathedral, and served as Assistant Chaplain in Cardiff, Wales. Since retirement he has been an Honorary Assistant at the cathedral. He has also functioned as a replacement for the Diocesan Hospital Chaplain, the University Chaplain and officiant at St. Paul's Church and St George's Church in Halifax.

The Reverend Dr. Davena Davis

Davena Davis is a graduate of McGill University and Montreal Diocesan Theological College. She was ordained deacon in the Diocese of Montreal and priest in the Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador. She has worked and taught at McGill University, Queen’s College, St. John’s, Vancouver School of Theology and Atlantic School of Theology. She has acted as Priest-in-Charge of several parishes in the Halifax area since coming to Nova Scotia in 1995. An honorary assistant at the cathedral, she enjoys her garden and other volunteer activities.

Recent Retirees

The Reverend Dr. Helen Ryding - Retired Associate Priest

Helen was ordained to the diaconate and to the priesthood in 2008 and has since served as associate priest at the Cathedral Church of All Saints’. She was granted the Master of Divinity by the Atlantic School of Theology in Halifax. Outreach work is one of her several activities at the cathedral. Helen graduated in dentistry from Queen's University Belfast and practised dentistry from 1964 until her retirement from the Faculty of Dentistry, Dalhousie University, in 2006. She has served in private practice, public dental health and academic dentistry. She is married to David Lyttle. They emigrated to Canada in 1968 and have three adult children.

The Reverend Heather MacEachern - Retired Deacon

Reverend Heather MacEachern was baptized, confirmed and married at the Cathedral Church. In 1998, she was raised up as a deacon by the cathedral community. Heather has served on many committees and has been a lay reader and Sunday School superintendent. She holds a certificate in Theology and Ministry from the Atlantic School of Theology and is the past president of the Anglican Association of Deacons in Canada.