Congregational Council

The Congregational Council is the legal entity for the cathedral congregation. This group includes appointed and elected representatives and synod delegates who meet monthly to manage the affairs of the church on behalf of the congregation. The Dean’s Warden, the Cathedral Warden, and the Chair of Congregational Council are the principal officers. The structure of the sub-committees reflects the Vision of the Cathedral.   

Congregational Council 2022

  • The Honorable Dr. Mayann Francis, ONS, Dean’s Warden (on leave until the late Fall)
  • Jackie Pidduck, Dean's Warden (interim)
  • Zachary Bath, Cathedral Warden
  • Paul Smith, Rector and Dean
  • Ray Carter, Clergy Representative/ Synod Delegate
  • Stephen Osler, Chair              
  • Peter Flemming, Treasurer
  • Angus Cochran, Synod Youth Delegate
  • Ken Dauphinee
  • Dylan Stewart
  • Jacob Cookey
  • Sarah Cooper
  • Cate Berry
  • Sarah Underwood, Office Manager, Secretary